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Eurasian Journal of Forest Research (EJFR) is the English bulletin separated volume of “Research Bulletin of the Hokkaido University Forests”. The journal is named “Eurasian” taking into account articles about the forest such as China or Russia and so on not only Japan. It includes submitted articles from foreign countries and intramural foreign student.

From Vol. 1 of October 2000 to Vol. 20 of December 2017, it has been published as mostly annual paper media.

From Vol.21 it is issued here by a digital medium as follows.

All articles of the EJFR are released in Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers “HUSCAP” as full-text. The text search is possible.

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Vol.21-1(Nov. 2019)


Altitude-dependent variation in biomass and wood production of subalpine Abies spectabilis forest in eastern Himalaya
*TIWARI Ravi M., AKUTSU Kosuke, SHRESTHA Bharat B. and KOHYAMA Takashi S 


The past 10 volumes

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Vol.20    (Dec. 2017)
Topographic and Anthropogenic Factors Shaping Subalpine Abies spectabilis Forest in Langtang National Park, Eastern Himalaya 
*Tiwari, Ravi M.;Shrestha, Bharat B.;Kohyama, Takashi S. 1-9
Concentration of Some Trace Elements in Two Wild Edible Ferns, Diplazium esculentum and Stenochlaena palutris, Inhabiting Tropical Peatlands under Different Environments in Central Kalimantan 
*Rahmawati, Della;Wijaya, C. Hanny;Hashidoko, Yasuyuki;Djajakirana, Gunawan;Haraguchi, Akira;Watanabe, Toshihiro;Kuramochi, Kanta;Nion, Yanetri Asi 11-20
Qualitative analysis of dynamic states of the Larix-permafrost ecosystem under climate warming
*Antonovsky, Mikhail Ya.;Korzukhin, Mikhail D.;Shugart, Herman Henry 21-25


Research material
Development of teaching materials for international course students on the ancient forest culture of the Hokkaido University Campus 
*Watanabe, Yoko;Moriya, Toyohito;Takakura, Jun;Satoh, Fuyuki;Koike, Takayoshi 27-38


Vol.19-1    (Nov. 2016)
Ecophysiological Study on the Natural Regeneration of the Two Larch Species with Special References to Soil Environment in Larch Forests
*Qu, Laiye 1-51


Vol.18-1    (Dec. 2015)
Research material
Wild plant species as subjects in O₃ research 
*Agathokleous, Evgenios;Saitanis J, Costas;Satoh, Fuyuki;Koike, Takayoshi 1-36
Ethylenediurea (EDU) as a protectant of plants against O₃ 
*Agathokleous, Evgenios;Koike, Takayoshi;Saitanis J, Costas;Watanabe, Makoto;Satoh, Fuyuki;Hoshika, Yasutomo 37-50


Vol.17-1    (Aug. 2014)
Differences in Pollen Resource Usage and Foraging Periods between the Exotic Bumblebee Bombus terrestris and the Native B. pseudobaicalensis and B. hypocrita sapporoensis in Hokkaido, Japan
*Nakamura, Yasuhide 1-10
Tree Shape and Resistance to Uprooting : A Simple Model Analysis
*Shibuya, Masato;Koizumi, Akio;Torita, Hiroyuki 11-17


Research Material
Variation on Genotypes and Flowering Characters Affecting Pollination Mechanisms of Sandalwood (Santalum album Linn., Santalaceae) Planted on ex-situ gene Conservation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia  
*Yeni, W. N. Ratnaningrum;Sapto, Indrioko 19-34


Vol.16-1    (Aug. 2013)
Soil-Atmosphere Exchange of CO2, CH4 and N2O in Northern Temperate Forests : Effects of Elevated CO2 Concentration, N Deposition and Forest Fire 
*KIM, Yong Suk 1-43
Yield of Larix sukaczewii Dyl. and Larch Hybrids in Northern Scandinavia 
*LARS, Karlman;OWE, Martinsson;CHRISTER, Karlsson;GISLE, Skaaret 45-56
Seed and Cone Characteristics of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) from Diverse Seed Sources in Northern Mongolia 
*UDVAL, Bayarsaikhan;BATKHUU, Nyam-Osor 57-62


Research Material
Raman and Infrared Spectroscopic Marker Bands for Rapid Detection of Cyanomaclurin 
*SHIBUTANI, Sakae;YAMAUCHI, Shigeru;KOIZUMI, Akio 63-66


Overview of the Study of the Genus Myricaria Desv. in Siberia 
*LYAKH, Elena M. 67-72


Vol.15-1    (Aug. 2012)
ILTER special feature: Article
Critical Loads of Lead and Cadmium for Different Type of Forest and Aquatic Ecosystems at the Petrohan LTER Site, Bulgaria
*Ignatova, Nadka;Fikova, Radka;Damyanova, Sonya;Bratanova-Doncheva, Svetla 1-8
Forest Fires Effects on Carbon Stocks and Soil Chemistry in Central Yakutia, Eastern Siberia 
*Lopez, C. M. Larry;Hatano, Ryusuke;Guggenberger, Georg;Ohta, Takeshi;Gerasimov, Eremei;Fedorov, Alexander N. 9-17
Functional Consequences of Differences in Canopy Phenology for the Carbon Budgets of Two Cool-Temperate Forest Types : Simulations Using the NCAR/LSM Model and Validation Using Tower Flux and Biometric Data 
*Saitoh, Taku M.;Nagai, Shin;Yoshino, Jun;Muraoka, Hiroyuki;Saigusa, Nobuko;Tamagawa, Ichiro 19-30
Understanding High Altitude Reforestation in Mt. Apo, Philippines 
*Anticamara, Jonathan A.;Pasion, Bonifacio O.;Gonzales, Regielene S.;Duya, Mariano Roy M.;Ong, Perry S. 31-43


Regular articles: Article
Larval Morphology and Feeding Behavior in Notodontidae (Lepidoptera) in Relation to Leaf Toughness of Host Plants 
*Yoshida, Kunikichi;Murakami, Masashi 45-52


Regular articles: Research material
The Effects of Water and Soil Types on the Seed Germination and Seedling Survival of Populus euphratica in Arid Region in China 
*Hao, Peng;Zhang, Nan;Liu, Qian-wen;Li, Jing-wen 53-61


Vol.14-1    (Aug. 2011)
Vegetation and Colonization Status of Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi in Plant Species on Acidic Barren at Crater Basin of Volcano Esan in Hokkaido, Japan 
*Fukuchi, Souta;Obase, Keisuke;Tamai, Yutaka;Yajima, Takashi;Miyamoto, Toshizumi 1-11


Research material
Autumn Long-distance Movements of Male Japanese Sika deer Cervus nippon yesoensis in Western Hokkaido, Japan 
*Agetsuma, Naoki;Agetsuma-Yanagihara, Yoshimi;Takafumi, Hino 13-19
Isoenzyme Diversity and Differentiation of Marsh Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Populations in The Western Siberia 
*Larionova, Albina Ya.;Ekart, Alexander K. 21-28
Correlation of Photosynthesis and Water Regime of Pinus sylvestris L. Under Extreme Environmental Conditions of Pre-Baikal Area 
*Kopytova, Lidia D.;Oskolkov, Vladimir A. 29-37
The Study on Mycorrhizal Status of Current-Year Acer mono Seedlings 
*Yoshida, Marina;Tamai, Yutaka;Miyamoto, Toshizumi;Yajima, Takashi 39-41


Vol.13-2    (Dec. 2010)
Prospects of Natural Hybridization of the Genus Picea A. Dietr. Representatives in Asiatic Russia 
*Potemkin, Oleg N. 41-47
Induced Defense in Japanese White Birch Seedlings against Insect Herbivores 
*Aoyama, Chiho;Novriyanti, Eka;Koike, Takayoshi 49-55


Research material
An Atlas of Collembola Species in the Sapporo Experimental Forest of Hokkaido University in Northern Japan 
*Suetsugu, Naoki;Satoh, Fuyuki;Koike, Takayoshi 57-67


Growth Characteristics of Two Promising Tree Species for Afforestation, Birch and Larch in the Northeastern Part of Asia 
*Mao, Qiaozhi;Watanabe, Makoto;Koike, Takayoshi 69-76
Plant Defense Characteristics and Hypotheses in Birch Species 
*Novriyanti, Eka;Aoyama, Chiho;Watanabe, Makoto;Koike, Takayoshi 77-85


Vol.13-1    (Aug. 2010)
Allometric Relationships and Carbon and Nitrogen Contents for Three Major Tree Species (Quercus crispula, Betula ermanii, and Abies sachalinensis) in Northern Hokkaido, Japan 
*Takagi, Kentaro;Kotsuka, Chikara;Fukuzawa, Karibu;Kayama, Masazumi;Makoto, Kobayashi;Watanabe, Tsunehiro;Nomura, Mutsumi;Fukazawa, Tatsuya;Takahashi, Hiroyuki;Hojyo, Hajime;Ashiya, Daitaro;Naniwa, Akihiko;Sugata, Sadao;Kamiura, Tatsuya;Sugishita, Yoshiyuki;Sakai, Rei;Ito, Kinya;Kobayashi, Makoto;Maebayashi, Mamoru;Mizuno, Masato;Murayama, Takeshi;Kinoshita, Koji;Fujiwara, Daisaku;Hashida, Shukichi;Shibata, Hideaki;Yoshida, Toshiya;Sasa, Kaichiro;Saigusa, Nobuko;Fujinuma, Yasumi;Akibayashi, Yukio 1-7
Comparative Studies on Seasonal Dynamics of Macronutrient Contents in Different Components of Chinese White Poplar in a Four-year Old Poplar Plantation 
*Zhang, Ying;Sun, Xiangyang;Kang, Xiangyang 9-18


Research Material
Physiological Method for Evaluation of Vigor State of Pine Stands 
*Polyakova, Galina G.;Polyakov, Vadim I.;Pashenova, Natalia V.;Stasova, Victoria V.;Zubareva, Olga N.;Skriopal'shicova, Larisa N. 19-24


White Birch Trees as Resource Species of Russia : Their Distribution, Ecophysiological Features, Multiple Utilizations 
*Zyryanova, Olga A.;Terazawa, Minoru;Koike, Takayoshi;Zyryanov, Vyacheslav I. 25-40


Vol.12-1    (Mar. 2009)
Temporal heterogeneity of Populus euphratica seed rain in Ejina Oasis, China 
*Cao, Dechang;Li, Jingwen;Chen, Weiqiang;Li, Junqing 1-8
Quantifying sediment production in steepland environments 
*De Rose, Ronald C. 9-46
Photosynthetic productivity of three coniferous species in Baikal Siberia, Eastern Russia 
*Suvorova, Galina G.;Yankova, Ludmila S.;Kopytova, Lidia D. 47-56
Raman spectroscopic characterization of Japanese cedar wood heat-treated at low temperatures 
*Yamauchi, Shigeru;Koizumi, Akio 57-63


Vol.11-2    (Nov. 2008)
Intraspecific Response of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) to Pathogens in a Provenance Trial in Middle Siberia 
*Kuzmina, Nina A.;Kuz'min, Sergey R. 51-59
Differential Sensitivity of Ground Beetles, Eusilpha japonica and Carabidae, to Vegetation Disturbance in an Abandoned Coppice Forest in Central Japan 
*Shibuya, Sonomi;Kubota, Kôhei;Kikvidze, Zaal;Ohsawa, Masahiko 61-72
Height Increments and Survival of Pinus sylvestris Climatypes in Provenance Trials in the Western Trans-Baikal Region 
*Novikova, Tatyana N. 73-79
Experiment of Intraspecific Hybridization of Siberian Stone Pine (Pinus Sibirica Du Tour) Clones in Middle Siberia 
*Kuznetsova, Galina V. 81-87


Vol.11-1    (Mar. 2008)
Ecophysiological Study of the Growth of Conifers in Korea in Acidified Soil with Elevated CO2 : the Role of Ectomycorrhizal Infection 
*Choi, DongSu 1-39
Meiosis at Microsporogenesis in Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica Ledeb.) in Natural Populations and in an Arboretum 
*Bazhina, Elena V.;Kvitko, Olga V.;Muratova, Elena N. 41-49  




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